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a form of therapy that can resolve deep-seated traumas within you and, by the way, elevate you to your next level.

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is so much more than the practice of correct or conscious breathing.

Breathwork is a swift and effective way to release stress, anxieties, suppressed emotions, even traumas, and negative cellular memories.

It is a combination of observing and consciously directing one's own breath, a tool to stimulate profound and personal healing, growth, and transformation. Often, it is also a means to access information from our inner selves that is not apparent in our daily lives.

It is a holistic therapeutic approach that dates back thousands of years, utilising breath to dissolve traumas, tensions, and blocked energies on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

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Through intensive breathing techniques, we move from the mind into the body, into an altered state of consciousness, where we can recall, heal, and let go of the -often suppressed- past that holds us back in various areas of life. This results in a deeper connection to ourselves, and we experience our lives as more fulfilling because we feel more whole and healed afterwards.

The power of our breath affects and supports us on all levels: in the body, in the mind, and in the soul (heart).


The SIDE EFFECTS are as intense as the session itself:

Your breath is your hidden superpower and moves more than you think

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SOULMARINA Breathwork Sitzende Frau mit Mudra-Fingerhaltung

Calming the nervous system - Experiencing the power of breath can help you become more aware of it in daily life and use it as an anchor in stressful situations.

Deep breathing activates the diaphragm and thus the social nervous system. This helps us remain centred and productive.

Mental clarity – The breath brings the subconscious back into consciousness. It can provide a sense of strength and inner peace and allows us to organise our thoughts and feelings.

Recognising one's life path – Through mental clarity and presence in the body, we can sense where our journey is leading us. We can identify what we need for a life in contentment and what no longer serves us.

Strengthening the immune system – Our mental state influences our physical health. By focusing on breathing, we give our body the chance to regenerate and activate the body’s natural healing powers.

Improving sleep – By recognising old patterns and releasing blockages, our body can relax better and drift into sleep.

You see, Breathwork isn't just about breathing. It's a form of therapy that can resolve deep-seated traumas within you and, by the way, elevate you to your next level. It helps you grow, expand, and increasingly live as YOURSELF, free from old limitations, in your full power and self-determination.

SOULMARINA Hintergrund zart beige

Who is Breathwork suitable for?

  • If you're fed up with feeling stressed and overwhelmed and seemingly have no control over your life.

  • If you're ready to heal from past traumas and lead a self-governed life.

  • If you're ready to discover a deep sense of inner peace.

  • If you yearn to lead a balanced and authentic life.

  • If you're ready to let go of fears and excuses to realise your dreams NOW.

Series of Breathwork-Sessions


Try -> Series of 3: CHF 810.00

Trust -> Series of 5: CHF 1305.00

Transform -> Series of 7: CHF 1800.00

Transcend -> Series of 9: CHF 2295.00

Love, Randa Signatur Randa M. Augustin SOULMARINA
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