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SOULMARINA Frauen Coaching Bild einer Frau in der Sonne
SOULMARINA Frauen Coaching Schriftzug Light up your Soul

It's time to celebrate your femininity & enjoy your life
to the fullest

SOULMARINA Frauen Coaching - beige farbiges zartes Hintergrundbild

In times of transformation and reorientation, many women face profound emotional challenges and doubts about their self-worth. They long for fulfilment and authenticity, want to draw on their femininity and develop their full potential.

In our path of self-discovery, we encounter your deepest wounds in order to understand and transform them. It is a journey to your true potential that allows you to let go of the past and live your full self in the here and now.

- What if you could live in harmony with your
  values and needs?

- What if you could shape your life according to
  your own values and beliefs?


Let's take the first step towards a fulfilling life together. You can expect a journey of self-discovery to strengthen your inner confidence, recognise your own worth and find a deeper connection to your own femininity.










My coaching approach aims to strengthen the authentic self, overcome old patterns and achieve emotional balance. Together we explore the origins of hurt, transform painful experiences and integrate potential into the here and now.

In this safe space, where it's all about you, you will reconnect with your intuition and trust your inner wisdom to make decisions that are in line with your values and goals. I will also provide you with effective tools to deal with stress, increase your energy and treat yourself more lovingly.

Be ready for your journey to change. I am happy to be by your side.


Would you like to find out more? I'll be happy to answer your questions and help you take a step towards self-development.




Power, wildness, kindness, tenderness - you meet yourself IN YOUR WONDERFUL WHOLENESS to live your very own spirit on earth. 

Are you ready to live the best version of yourself? 

SOULMARINA Frauen Coaching - beige farbiges zartes Hintergrundbild

It is my calling to accompany you on this special path. I am convinced that the world will become a better place when every woman develops her full potential. It is my heartfelt desire to empower women. My training as a trauma therapist, mental trainer, hypnosis therapist, integral coach, as well as my many other qualifications, enable me to create a safe space for you in which you can heal, grow and become a powerful woman.


Would you like to find out more? Contact me to clarify your questions and take a step towards self-development.



healing of your femininity

Love, Randa Signatur Randa M. Augustin SOULMARINA

with these Methods I work
Aura technique | Cacao Ceremony | ChiroTrance Hypnosis | Hypnosis Coaching | Meditation | Yager Code Therapy  ACCESS Bars® | Ancestral ritual | Body Spirit and Soul | Womb blessing Womb I Womb rituals  I Soul Journey | Trauma therapy I Hummingbird coaching with EMDR | Female compass | Breathwor| Chakra healing

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