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«Me-Time ReTreat» in Morocco
«Me-Time ReTreat» in Morocco

Date will be announced



«Me-Time ReTreat» in Morocco

There are phases in life when a break away from everything is the key to regaining your strength.

Zeit & Ort

Date will be announced

MARRAKESH, Marrakesh, Morocco

Über die Veranstaltung

Me-Time ReTreat in Morocco

There are phases in life when a break away from everything is the key to regaining your strength.


Sometimes injuries can lie so deep that they stay with you for a long time. You feel that you can no longer fully open up and that you have come to terms with your restrictions. At the same time, you feel that there is another path for you out there. In a life free from harm and blockages that still hold you back today.


During the retreat, you will reconnect with yourself, recognize and resolve obstructive beliefs and life contracts:

This retreat offers you the opportunity to restore and integrate the old and adapt new perspectives, discover your intuitive wisdom as your inner guidance and to define new goals and visions for yourself. In doing so you will free yourself from the shackles of past experiences, limiting beliefs and negative body images. Thus, you will rise to your own personal challenges and clear the ground for your journey ahead.


In this time-out, we will be accompanied by the silence and vastness of the Moroccan desert. The tranquility of the desert touches the soul in unexpected ways - in it we dwell and dive deep into ourselves, taking the time and space to entirely surrender to our inner guidance. You will overcome your entrenched habits and allow yourself some time to trace new paths. This is time for yourself in which you can accumulate new energy, reflect in peace and lay aside everything that is weighing you down. In doing so you will allow yourself to recover from harm, make room for new beginnings and take courage for your path.


During this time-out, I shall accompany you with breathwork sessions, a cacao ceremony, meditation, talks and personal support, which incorporate my knowledge from trauma therapy, mental training, hypnosis, women's accompaniment and many other training courses I have completed in order to provide the best possible environment for your growth.


Power, ferocity, kindness, tenderness - you meet yourself in your wonderful wholeness to live your very own spirit on earth. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and begin living a life that you know deep down you D E S E R V E.


In your "Me-Time ReTreat" we will also discover outer worlds together: Morocco, the gateway to Africa and a country of staggering diversity. Where ancient mysticism meets untouched nature. During your “ME” time - in your “Me-Time ReTreat” you will be accompanied by epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, vast deserts and warm hospitality.


Due to climate conditions, the trip will take place in early/mid-November.

The exact travel dates have not yet been set.


The price includes all offers on site:

Transfer from the airport to Marrakech

Accommodation & meals in Marrakech

Journey to the desert

Personal deep process and vision guidance

Accommodation & meals in the desert

Breathwork sessions

Cacao ceremony

Check-in calls after the trip

Your trip to Marrakech is not included in the price.


>> Note: The desert is a special place in every respect. The silence and this seemingly empty space in the universe can push you to your emotional/psychological limits. A stable base and the ability to accompany yourself through moderate processes is a basic requirement. A stable physical constitution is also required in order to cope well with the temperature differences. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure. If you take part in the trip, I shall assume that you are completely fit and that you have checked with your doctor if in doubt.

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