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Silence please | The silent retreat in the Moroccan desert
Silence please | The silent retreat in the Moroccan desert

Date will be announced



Silence please | The silent retreat in the Moroccan desert

There are phases in life when a break away from everything is the key to regaining your strength.

Zeit & Ort

Date will be announced

MARRAKESH, Marrakesh, Morocco

Über die Veranstaltung

Silence please

The silent retreat in the Moroccan desert


Immerse yourself in your own inner guidance and receive your visions in a depth that leaves no question unanswered.


In a small, yet exclusive setting, where you will be given the space and personal support you need for your further steps on your path, we shall set out on a journey to the desert of Morocco as a group, to meet ourselves, our path, our dreams and goals.


This time, will be guided by the silence of the desert, where you will focus on yourself in order to fully receive yourself and your greatest vision. In this silence, issues, levels, feelings will emerge that might overwhelm you. I will be there to accompany you to the point where you find yourself at peace with silence, with being on your own and where you will discover security and support here on earth. In this freedom you will be carried and led by YOUR inner guidance. You will receive your personal visions and take the first steps on your new path, anchoring the new energy of your visions. There will also be space here for your very own ritual, which you will honor for yourself in the silence of the desert.


I am

Randa, trauma therapist, mental coach, integral coach, women's companion and by the time of the trip I will also have completed my training in breathwork. I will let all this knowledge and these skills flow into the support while accompanying you on this special path. It is important to me that you understand that you are in good hands and that the framework is designed in such a way that you can fully entrust yourself. Because we need this depth in order to find freedom within ourselves and thereby become free to explore our vision and set off on our future path.

Just as important as the accompaniment during the journey is the accompaniment afterwards, so that you can fully integrate what you have opened up to in the desert into your life. For this purpose, monthly check-in calls will take place in the group, in which I will accompany you to help you integrate the new.


The setting:

There will be times for exchange that interrupt our silence, in which you can, but do not have to participate. The cacao ceremony and breathwork sessions are also offers that you can take advantage of if they feel right for you. There will always be someone there to talk to or accompany you with their presence, if you should need it. However, at any time you will also have the space to be completely on your own and to dive into the depths of your inner worlds and visions.

The only set times are our outward journey together, the first day in Marrakech before we travel to the desert, and the last day in Marrakech before our departure.

Due to the climate conditions, the trip will take place at the beginning of November. The exact travel dates have not yet been set.


The price includes all offers on site:

Transfer from the airport to Marrakech

Accommodation & meals in Marrakech

Journey to the desert

Personal deep process and vision guidance

Accommodation & meals in the desert

Breathwork sessions

Cacao ceremony

Check-in calls


Your trip to Marrakech is not included in the price.


>> Note: The desert is a special place in every respect. The silence and this seemingly empty space in the universe can push you to your emotional/psychological limits. A stable base and the ability to accompany yourself through moderate processes is a basic requirement. A stable physical constitution is also required in order to cope well with the temperature differences. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure. If you take part in the trip, I shall assume that you are completely fit and that you have checked with your doctor if in doubt.

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