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With the aura technology to more power


In addition to the visible physical body, every living being also has an invisible astral body, the so-called aura - a universal energy field. Through this we transmit and receive physical sensations, vital energy and life force. We also send and receive physical needs, emotions, thoughts and character traits via the aura. It also acts as a protective shield against external energy, radiation and diseases.


Every illness is a "symptom" of something deep down; it is a signal that something is going wrong on a psycho-emotional level and is moving against the flow of life, so to speak. This includes all experiences, topics, trauma, injuries on a physical and psychological level. The aura therapy uses the different states of the aura to recognize disharmonies and blockages between body, mind and soul. The aura therapy serves to activate the self-healing powers and the energy flows so that healing and development can and should take place. With the various methods, deep-seated patterns and blockages can be tracked down and the cause can be deliberately investigated.


Aura therapy is a gentle method of working towards the core layer by layer. There is a purification, dissolution, erasure, reprogramming, restoration and / or erection in the energy field.


Fears, allergies, phobias, panic, forced treatment, compulsions, pain, sleep disorder, burnout, etc.


There are many other topics that can be worked on with the help of aura therapy. Through this process, the resonance fields of memory are reprogrammed and thus an increase in one's own quality of life is achieved.

Aura technology

Cacao Ceremony

- finally find myself


Do you often think "I want to find myself again"? If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, then the ceremonial, sacred "Cacao Ceremony" is a very special time for you. Cacao gently supports you on your journey to yourself. When your heart speaks to you, cocoa helps you to find your connection with yourself again. You immerse yourself in mysticism and magic in order to find answers to your questions in the depths of yourself - your subconscious.

Did you know that the Mayas, Incas and Aztecs already knew the enormous powers of cocoa? Cacao served as a means of payment, but the plant was also used for ritual, shamanic and medicinal purposes. Some Mayans also called the bean the “grandmother's fire”. The "black gold" was considered the food of the gods and was also referred to as "rainbow medicine".

The Mayans, Incas and Aztecs made cocoa as a bitter drink. In Aztec it was called Xocolat, derived from "xoco" - bitter - and "lat" - water. Xocolat is linguistically the origin of our word chocolate, but cacao is more than just chocolate.

Cacao is an ancient medicinal plant with a gentle and at the same time powerful effect. Her magic can connect you directly to your heart and activate your healer of the heart. An open heart lets you hear the voice of your intuition louder and gives you the confidence to courageously follow it again. It also has the power to heal the wounds of our inner child.

In combination with a meditation, the ritual promotes your creativity and creates clarity with regard to your path and your next steps in life.


Finding yourself through meditation is what the "Cacao Ceremony" enables you to do because cocoa:

  • is a heart opener and helps you to be more present

  • will give you clarity and ideas

  • gives you space to rediscover your "hidden self"

  • lets you understand the language of your soul again

  • strengthens your connection to your higher self

  • gives you inner peace

  • helps to reduce your everyday stress and worries, as you can get back into the mood for your positive, optimistic side

  • ensures mental clarity

  • and a lot more.


Cacao is a real superfood! On a physical level, it strengthens you and gives you energy. At the same time, the plant has an opening and magical effect. Cocoa dissolves your emotional blockages and gives you (self) knowledge away from overactive thinking.

The nice thing is that cocoa will never push you into anything on your path to self-discovery. He always only sends you on the journey that you are ready to embark on. Cacao can open a door for you, but you alone choose whether you want to walk through it or not.

Let yourself be guided into a magical, new world to decipher the messages of your soul.

The “Cacao Ceremony” is your journey to receive images and messages from your soul. Immerse yourself in the world of cocoa. Let yourself be enchanted by exquisite organic cocoa, which has been carefully prepared with love and full of mindfulness.

With a nice meditation we open our hearts and connect with our deepest inner being. You do not need any previous knowledge and you are cordially invited!

Cacao Ceremony


ChiroTrance  hypnosis

Hypnosis coaching

Hypnosis without words


With chiro trance hypnosis it is possible for you to find a solution and calm down for your inner conflicts. In this wordless hypnosis you absorb thoughts and feelings, but you let them rest within you. You experience the comprehensive wisdom of body, mind and soul.

Chiro = hand and trance = hypnotic state: 
The ChiroTrance hypnosis is known from the time of the Vedic high culture or Vedic hypnotism over 5000 years ago. The self-healing powers of body, mind and soul are comprehensively activated and bundled. With just a few targeted touches, a deep trance is brought about in a very short time. In ChiroTrance Hypnosis, the client is treated completely without words. The initiation of the trance and the complete treatment take place exclusively in the hands of the hypnotherapist. So there are no «suggestions» as is used in conventional hypnosis.

Uwe Sujata developed the method of body hypnosis from Prof. Dr. Antonio Carreira developed into ChiroTrance Hypnosis.


Your «inner healer» decides what, when and how it happens so that the holistic harmony is restored. The focus is on non-verbal factors, which allow your "inner healer" and your autonomous nervous system to work optimally. This activates your self-healing powers
This non-verbal hypnosis is suitable for people with foreign languages, the deaf, the blind, the dumb, and practically for all people. The method is also suitable for people who find it difficult to talk about your topics or who cannot find the right words for feelings and emotions. With the ChiroTrance, your topic does not have to be explained.

  • Do you want to feel energetic and powerful again?

  • You long for your personal upward spiral and for leaving everything that prevents you behind you.

  • Would you like to tackle your topic without saying too many words?

  • You know your personal goal on a physical, mental or emotional level - or you treat yourself to a moment to switch off and recharge your batteries at your personal energy charging station.

Possible areas of application

Sleep disorders, pain disorders, lack of energy, burn-out, concentration, increased concentration, migraines, mood swings, increased emotional stability, letting go of negative thoughts, increased self-confidence and / or self-esteem, grief / separation work


Chiro-trance hypnosis is suitable for treating almost all physical, mental and spiritual issues. 

ChiroTrance Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a natural condition and comparable to the state when falling asleep or waking up in the morning.


The Mesmerize-it Technique is holistic and considers all aspects of your therapy. In interaction with your subconscious mind, I establish a connection to your natural resources.


During a therapeutic trance - which is at all times safe and pleasant for you - stressful, emotional and mental burdens are disposed of and access is restored to intensely positive, optimistic and motivating sensations hitherto thought lost. Take a step towards more ease and enjoyment of life. You will be in good hands.


During the hypnosis, you will be able to hear and feel everything. You are in a kind of trance and all your senses are highly sensitive. At no time will you be without a will of your own and you can end the hypnotic state at any time.


The current 7 top themes of hypnosis:


  • Fears

  • Stress management

  • Burnout

  • Overweight

  • Quitting smoking

  • Pain management

  • Sleeping problems


There are many further issues which can be treated by means of hypnosis.

Hypnosis coaching



You feel stressed, the hectic pace of everyday life has you firmly under control or you are caught in negative emotions?

A meditation...

  • helps to relax

  • is balm for body, mind and soul

  • improves stress perception

  • gives emotional stability

  • strengthens positive thinking

  • supports mindfulness and patience

  • lets you work more concentrated and creatively

  • increases the energy

  • etc.


Daily meditation can help you make your mind purer and more peaceful, find your own center, become more serene and powerful, and gain valuable psychological self-awareness. Meditation is very simple and has many positive effects on your body and mind.

Meditation is simply being there without doing anything - no action, no thoughts, no emotion.

Meditation is suitable for everyone. Meditation knows neither risks nor side effects and can be done at any age and in any state of health.

Meditation is a journey within, away from external activities. Try to dive completely into the here and now with meditation and in this way escape from everyday life for a moment.

I will gladly introduce you to meditation or meditate together with you. Experience the liberating effect of meditation.


Yager Code Therapy

Yager Therapy is one of Dr. Edwin Yager developed a therapy method that specifically uses those mental abilities of people that are often ignored.


We all have unconscious, mental abilities that are rarely used. With Yager Therapy, it is precisely these skills and resources that are used to identify and resolve the causes of your issues.


A work that takes place on a completely unconscious level, in the background, so to speak.

With Yager Therapy you get in contact with the limbic system (which is responsible for the feelings, inner voice, images and instinct).


Through communication with your superconscious, old feelings, conditioning, imprints, limitations and beliefs that mostly come from the past and which block or weaken you today - understandingly and lovingly updated and brought up to date.


The special thing about Yager Therapy is that it is suitable for people who have a hard time talking about their topic or symptom and it can also be used online.


Topics that are accompanied by Yager Therapy are:

Traumatizations, chronic pain, anger, fears, phobias, sleep disorders, depression, migraines, limiting beliefs and many other topics


It is advisable to have the first on-site session in my practice. All further can take place on the phone or online. 3-4 sessions are recommended for one topic.

Yager Code Therapy



Access Bars® 

Can you remember the last moment of your life by being totally relaxed and secure? Or has it been too long since you and your body received healing and kindness without being judged?

During an Access Bars® session, 32 points are touched on the head, in which all thoughts, habits, behavioral patterns, beliefs, beliefs, considerations, evaluations and emotions relating to different areas of life are stored. With the gentle touch, these restrictions begin to dissolve with astonishing ease.


The brain waves slow down, allowing access to this electromagnetic memory. Condensed energies and limitations, which we mostly unconsciously imprinted and made our own, can dissolve. An Access Bars® session has the same effect as a reset button, which restarts the system and thereby frees up space.


The Access Bars® have helped thousands of people change many aspects of their lives, such as sleeping, health, weight, money,  Relationship, stress, depression, fears, burnout, migraines, restlessness, life crises, regeneration, reorientation, ADHD syndrome, hyperactivity, forms of school stress, exam anxiety and many more!


«The worst thing that can happen in an Access Bars® session is that it feels like you have had the best massage of your life. And the best that can happen is that your whole life turns into something great with total ease ... »
(Gary Douglas)

Ancestor ritual

In the ancestral ritual I accompany you together with the power of fire in calling up your ancestral lines. You have the possibility to see what might show, to have a deep look into your ancestral line and the further course of the ritual is very individual.

It is a very beautiful ritual, from which the women often go on very moved and strengthened.

Ancestor ritual


Body Spirit and Soul

Body Spirit and Soul

The body-spirit-soul ritual connects exactly these three levels of you.

In this very powerful ritual, I work through the body and deep into the soul. Through the gentle massage on your back, space is created in your soul channel for you.

Afterwards I will light your soul fire for you, which we will let flow into your energy system. Through the intention we set during a ritual, we give ourselves space and the possibility to say goodbye to the old and let go.

A woman who awakens in her womb shines in her femininity. She feels deeply connected to Mother Earth, to life, the source of all being. Feminine knowledge becomes tangible. Her self-worth begins to shine from within. Sexuality gains spiritual depth. Laughter is rising within her. She becomes a warming pole in the world and a source of love. During an individual session we activate your source of love


Uterus blessing / womb blessing / lap room rituals


Trauma therapy, hummingbird coaching with EMDR

Trauma therapy & hummingbird coaching 

EMDR, or eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing, is currently the most effective coaching method for working through difficult experiences. The method was developed by Francine Shapiro in Palo Alto, California, USA, and has been proven in multiple studies.


Initially, it was used to treat traumatised individuals in particular. But nowadays, it is used for a much broader range of issues – and very successfully, too. EMDR is used to deal with fears, phobias and physical and emotional pain, to break down emotional blocks, or to reprogram resonance fields from patterns and influences. In this way, it is possible to prevent unpleasant thoughts and feelings (flashbacks) from reactivating. At the same time, the method reinforces the anchoring of new, desired goals in the consciousness.


A normal physical and mental condition and a willingness to change are key prerequisites for this method’s success.


Trauma therapy and the Hummingbird Coaching Method with EMDR are used to assist with:


  • Processing highly stressful situations or events

  • Coping with the consequences of accidents

  • Dealing with difficult separations and grief

  • Overcoming fears, phobias and panic, as well as compulsions and constraints

  • Chronic pain and insomnia


There are many more issues which can be dealt with through trauma therapy and the Hummingbird Coaching Method with EMDR. This process helps to reprogram all of the memory’s resonance fields, and therefore enhance quality of life.

The soul journey is a wonderful tool to immerse yourself in your soul world.

The soul journey is a wonderful tool to dive into your soul world.

A soul journey brings you back to the origin of this resonance field. You have the possibility to recognize this origin and dissolve unwanted resonances. Accompanied and protected you can heal your old wounds. Freed from old burdens, you have free capacities in your everyday life to dream your present life story anew and to let these dreams become reality.

Soul journey

Soul journey


Female compass

Female compass

Life often misaligns the needle - and we orientate ourselves towards things, goals and people that lead us off our own and individual path. In a one-on-one session we will gently penetrate your compass and align it as far as possible in this moment so that you can follow your personal path. The female compass is a very powerful work and the aftermath can be intense and significant.

It is a combination of observing and consciously directing one's own breath, a tool to stimulate profound and personal healing, growth, and transformation. Often, it is also a means to access information from our inner selves that is not apparent in our daily lives.

It is a holistic therapeutic approach that dates back thousands of years, utilising breath to dissolve traumas, tensions, and blocked energies on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Through intensive breathing techniques, we move from the mind into the body, into an altered state of consciousness, where we can recall, heal, and let go of the -often suppressed- past that holds us back in various areas of life. This results in a deeper connection to ourselves, and we experience our lives as more fulfilling because we feel more whole and healed afterwards.




Chakra Helaing


The chakra system of your energy body is somewhat like the hard drive of the human mind. It runs along the spine from the base to the crown of the head, transporting and storing information and energies that are crucial for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Each chakra is associated with a core human need and is responsible for the energetic health of specific organs as well as certain mental and emotional capabilities. When the chakras are balanced and clear, energy flows easily and powerfully through your body. However, when they are blocked, the energy flow is reduced, you become tired, sluggish, unfocused, and it becomes harder to live and realise your highest potential.

Neben diesen Hauptmethoden kommen je nach Bedürfnis weitere Techniken zum Einsatz, um dich individuell zu begleiten. Zusammen analysieren wir deine Situation, sprich ich hole dich dort ab wo du gerade stehst um mit dir deinen Weg zu gestalten.

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