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Womanity Circle Online - open circle at new moon

Updated: Feb 5

SOULMARINA - Women form a circle and bring their hands together

Sisterhood - growing together - experiencing solidarity & strength - dance & empowerment - in my tribe you are invited to experience belonging.

Women have been gathering in circles for centuries. In addition to experiences, thoughts and ideas, stories and prayers are also exchanged in the circle.

This includes supporting, holding and healing each other, celebrating life together in deep connection and joy, but also knowing that they are in a safe, gentle place and dancing together into their own freedom.

The Womanity Circle is my inner call to open up spaces of connection and growth together.

There is space where you can simply let go of your various roles.

You get time for yourself and time for your dreams and desires.

Exchange with confidants. Let yourself in. Letting go. Refuelling.

Together we create a field of strength and essence.

Honestly, competition is a thing of the past. I love spaces of deep connection - sisterhood, in which we strengthen each other instead of fighting.

Girls compete with each other.

Women empower one another.

The Circle is a space where you stabilize your base and remember your home. Trusting openness creates a framework in which you are completely welcome with all your weaknesses and strengths - because you are part of the tribe.

Anything is possible. Anything that nourishes you.

We regularly meet online on new moon and immerse ourselves in a shared sacred space.

We will feel and experience sensuality, sensitivity, strength, gentleness, acceptance, openness, wildness, vulnerability, depth and honesty, encounters, inspiration and much more.

We will exchange views on the deepest questions of life and enjoy together. We use rituals, relaxation and meditation to expand boundaries, go deeper and allow new experiences.

In balance - your completeness - you find harmony. Sisterhood strengthens your experience and your essence.

You - queen of soul - are you ready to celebrate love with us?

Keep free the following dates.

The Womanity Circle on New Moon takes place online:

08 February // 10 March // 08 April // 04 July // 04 Aug // 03 Sept // 02 Oct // 01 Nov // 01 Dec.

Time: from 7:.30-9 p.m.

I am looking forward to many beautiful moments.

Be part of this empowering journey. Every month on new moon - the Sisterhood Circle is a safe place, a gentle sanctuary where we can be our authentic selves and grow together.


Join us and let your light shine.

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