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On average, a woman requires approximately 16,800 products such as tampons or sanitary pads throughout her menstruation in her lifetime. However, these items not only pose risks to her vagina but also contribute to environmental harm since they do not decompose. SECRET SILK SPONGE, a natural alternative given by mother nature and designed to be returned to her after use. Made from 100% organic materials, it decomposes harmlessly, leaving no environmental footprint. Lasting for 3-5 menstrual cycles, it can be easily washed with lukewarm water and reinserted. Unlike traditional tampons, its porous structure allows for better flow, reducing the likelihood of menstrual cramps caused by blockages. The SECRET SILK SPONGE is adaptable, expanding to fit comfortably within the vagina and can be worn for 3-7 hours, depending on blood flow intensity. It prioritizes both vaginal health and environmental sustainability, offering a kindalternative to both your body and mother nature.

Secret Silk Sponge

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