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Next Level – Self-love

Have you ever had the feeling that there is an untapped power within you? A power that, if released, could lead to a life full of love, fulfillment and success? We all have the ability to unleash our inner power and embrace self-love on our unique life journey. In a world of over 8 billion people, there is no one like you. Your experiences, your journey and the lessons you have learned along the way have shaped you into the remarkable person you are today. It's time to take advantage of this uniqueness and tap into the source of self-love that lies within us.

But how exactly does it work integrating self-love into your unique life path? Well, that's exactly what we're going to look at today. From reflecting on your past experiences to practicing self-care, we'll look at practical strategies and exercises to help you build a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself. Now I know what you might be thinking: self-love isn't that easy. But don't worry, because this journey is about progress, not perfection. There will be ups and downs, moments of ease and moments of challenge. And that's okay. The key is to approach this journey with compassion and understand that old behaviors and thought patterns may resurface from time to time. It's all part of the process. So are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery and self-love. You deserve this love and it's time to realize how valuable you really are.

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Recognize your inner strength

Accepting your uniqueness is a crucial step in recognizing the power within yourself. Each of us is born with certain qualities that make us special and irreplaceable. It is important to recognize and celebrate these qualities as they are the key to unlocking our inner power.

In today's society, there is often pressure to conform and fit into predetermined molds. However, true strength and fulfillment comes from embracing who we really are rather than trying to be someone else. This is where self-love plays an important role.

In today's society, there is often pressure to conform and fit into predetermined molds. However, true strength and fulfillment comes from embracing who we really are instead of trying to be someone else. This is where self-love plays an important role.

Self-love is the foundation for embracing your uniqueness and recognizing the power in it. It is the act of fully accepting yourself with all your strengths, weaknesses, quirks and imperfections. When you begin to accept and like yourself more and more, you release a powerful force that can change your life.

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Your past - understanding your journey

Reflecting on your past can be a powerful tool to understand your journey and promote self-love on your unique life path. Our past experiences shape us today, and when we take the time to reflect on them, we can gain valuable insight and learn important lessons.

Self-love is a concept that is often misunderstood, but at its core, it's about fully accepting and embracing yourself, flaws and all. It's about recognizing your worth and treating yourself with kindness, compassion and respect. Self-love is not selfish. It is important for our overall well-being and happiness.

One way to reflect on your past is to keep a diary. Take some time each day to write down your thoughts and feelings about past events. This can help you gain clarity and an overview of the lessons you have learned and the growth you have triggered as a result.

Another effective tool for reflection is coaching. An experienced coach can guide you through the process of exploring your past and help you make sense of your experiences. This can provide valuable support that can guide you on your path to self-love.

It is also important to know that it is not about dwelling on the past or sinking into regret. It's about using your past as a stepping stone to a more fulfilling future. If you can understand the paths and experiences you have lived through, a space of understanding will open up within you, because everything had its importance and meaning: every encounter, every decision, every action, etc.

SOULMRINA Self-love_Diary

Letting go of self-criticism - embracing self-acceptance

One of the keys to unlocking our inner power lies in practicing self-love. By changing our mindset from self-criticism to self-acceptance, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities. Instead of destroying ourselves through negative self-talk, we can embrace our strengths, weaknesses and everything that makes us unique.

It is important to recognize that self-criticism is often based on social expectations and external pressure. We live in a world that constantly tells us that we have to be perfect and that we should adhere to certain standards. But the truth is that perfection is an illusion and our value as individuals goes beyond social expectations.

Accepting ourselves means recognizing that we are all on our own unique journey in life. Each of us has our own strengths, talents and experiences that make us who we are. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we can focus on our own growth and development.

Remember that self-acceptance is a journey and takes time and effort. It is not about reaching a final destination, but rather about fully accepting ourselves, flaws and all. By letting go of self-criticism and embracing self-acceptance, we can discover our inner power and live authentically on our unique life paths. Though, let's start the journey of self-love and self-acceptance together and unleash our true potential.

Setting boundaries - prioritize your needs

Setting boundaries and prioritizing your needs is crucial to practicing self-love and releasing your inner power. When you set clear boundaries, you create a space where you prioritize your own well-being and happiness. It allows you to focus on what's really important to you and gives you the freedom to say no to things that don't align with your values and goals.

By setting boundaries, you create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You learn to recognize and respect your own boundaries, both physically and emotionally. This means understanding when to say yes and when to say no, without guilt or fear of disappointing others. When you prioritize your needs, you can gain new energy that can be brought to bear in all areas of your life.

To set boundaries effectively, start by identifying your values - what is really important to you. Reflect on your needs, desires and goals. Once you have a clear idea of what is important to you, communicate it to others in a kind and confident way. Remember that setting boundaries is not about controlling others, but rather about taking care of yourself.

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Looking after yourself - nourishing body & mind

When it comes to taking care of yourself, it's important to focus on nourishing your body and mind. Self-love plays a crucial role in this process as it allows you to release your inner strength. By prioritizing self-care, you can create a harmonious balance between your physical and mental well-being.

Caring for your body starts with providing it with the proper nutrition it needs. This includes a balanced diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, wholegrain products and valuable protein and healthy fats. By providing your body with nutrient-rich foods, you can ensure optimal physical health and energy levels.

Regular exercise is another important aspect of self-care. Physical activity not only helps to maintain a healthy weight, but also boosts mood and reduces stress. Whether you're jogging, practicing yoga or gardening, find your personal exercise program that you enjoy and make it a regular part of your life.

Activities that bring you joy and relaxation are another way to nurture your mind. This could be reading a book, listening to music, painting or spending time in nature. Find what brings you peace and make time for it regularly. Remember: self-love means that you prioritize your own happiness and well-being.

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About me

SOULMARINA stands for Womanity - lived femininity. Women are accompanied back into their feminine power and into the healing and awakening of their authentic, fulfilled sexuality. I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, events such as VIP coaching, breathwork, chakra healing and cacao ceremonies as well as annual retreats for women. You can find my events here ➚. If you would like to get to know me and my work better, you can find me here ➚ or via Instagram ➚.

Last but not least - My heartfelt recommendation for you: VIP Coaching

What would happen if you finally...

- feel safe enough to be your whole, authentic self?

- know exactly how to deal with unexpected stress factors in life so that you stay grounded and in your power?

- be better able to deal with ambivalence - your own and that of those around you?

- live more peace and serenity inside and out?

- make yourself, your dreams and wishes a priority without feeling guilty?

- have self-confidence in yourself and know how to trust yourself?

- be able to stay present and open to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer?


- LET GO and feel a deep knowing of your worth within you, so that you can stop wasting all that precious energy on self-doubt and finally realize your wildest dreams?

- And last but not least: what would happen if you could experience all this in an indescribable environment whose beauty is deeply imprinted in your cells and leaves a lasting impression?

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Would you like to start this journey of potential with me? I would love to accompany you on this journey and look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail to I will be happy to answer them.

Hey, great that you were there and be back next time for an exciting new episode of the podcast.

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