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Secret Ceres - 2 precious tips for your femininity

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Tip no. 1

Have you ever heard of Secret Ceres? Numerous women around the world love these products. In the following blog you can find out more about two exciting women's health products. Read more - it's worth it.

The Secret Ceres vagina stick has gained popularity as a natural method for cleaning, caring for and tightening the vagina. It also regulates the intimate flora and supports a woman's hormonal balance. This vaginal care product has been used in Asia for centuries to promote the healing of vaginal infections and reduce imbalances in the intimate area. The synergistic combination of herbal ingredients and precious minerals in Secret Ceres has an antibacterial and deodorising effect and is a nourishing product for women, especially after pregnancy, due to its toning and nourishing benefits.

Historically, Secret Ceres has its roots in traditional Asian medicine, where natural remedies have long been valued for their healing properties. The use of herbal ingredients and minerals in vaginal care products goes back centuries and is part of a long-standing tradition in women's health.

Many experts have recognised the benefits of natural vaginal care products such as Secret Ceres. These professionals have conducted studies and clinical tests to confirm the effectiveness of such products in promoting vaginal health and treating common problems such as infections and imbalances. Their research has demonstrated the positive effects of natural ingredients in intimate care products, paving the way for widespread acceptance and adoption of these products by women.

As a little insight, you can already see the unique ingredients of the Secret Ceres stick here:


- Porcelain clay (kaolin)

- Stalactite crystals

- Pomegranate essence

- Turmeric extract

- Artesian water and much more

Secret Ceres vaginal stick presented on a black bag and painted box

Tip no. 2

On average, a woman needs around 16,800 products such as tampons or sanitary towels during her menstruation in her lifetime. However, these items not only pose a risk to her vagina, but also contribute to environmental damage as they do not decompose.

This is where the Secret Ceres Silk Sponge comes in, a natural alternative that can be sourced from Mother Nature and returned to her after use.

Made from 100% organic materials, this sponge decomposes completely harmlessly and leaves no environmental impact. It lasts for 3-5 menstrual cycles and can be easily washed with lukewarm water and reinserted. Unlike conventional tampons, its porous structure allows for better flow and reduces the likelihood of menstrual cramps caused by blockages.

The Secret Ceres Silk Sponge moulds, stretches and fits comfortably in the vagina and can be worn for 3-7 hours depending on the intensity of your blood flow. It prioritises both vaginal health and environmental care, offering a kinder alternative for your body AND Mother Nature.


Overall, the Secret Ceres Silk Sponge offers an innovative, sustainable and healthy alternative to traditional menstrual hygiene products. It shows that it is possible to fulfil women's needs without harming the environment or endangering their health. Many women who have tried it report positive experiences and an overall better feeling during their menstruation.

Secret Ceres menstruation sponge with black background

Curious to find out more?

Would you like to become one of the millions of enthusiastic women worldwide who have taken Secret Ceres products into their hearts and wombs?

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