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Not a step backwards, but a dance of change

Updated: Jun 14

Young afro woman dances

Why do we choose the path of healing?

We may feel uncomfortable, not properly connected or grounded - in short, sometimes we find it difficult to navigate life. Perhaps you are currently experiencing something similar?

A feeling of discomfort is spreading. Physical symptoms appear and resilience weakens. Normally we are able to cope and balance complex situations that come our way, but sometimes we are overcome with a sense of resignation and feel powerless.

Many of us have lost the ability and opportunities to effectively let go of stress and tension. This means that it is difficult or even impossible to achieve a basic level of relaxation. We repress stressful situations, push them aside or block them out - we simply don't want to acknowledge them. We simply carry on because we have to. Until one day our physical or emotional state is so strongly characterized by this chronic overload that we can no longer ignore it. At some point, the body or the psyche screams "stop" and we have to look at it.

In my coaching sessions, I often meet women who are suddenly confronted with symptoms such as back pain, severe fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc. It is striking that it often affects very capable, strong people who have worked at the highest level for years.

What is striking is that it often affects very capable, strong people who have worked at the highest level of performance for years. And now they can no longer do it. It is not because we are incapable, but because we have been good at avoiding stress for too long.

When we embark on a healing process and work on gaining access to our inner repertoire of feelings, it can be unfamiliar at first when feelings and emotions that have long been suppressed are finally allowed to come to light, to be felt. When we talk about feeling, we don't just mean emotions, but also the conscious awareness of our body, our sensations and our inner processes.

Unlived emotions can finally be given space. After years of repression, it can take time for our body to process the release of emotions. On the path to healing, we can feel insecure at times even after supposed progress and have the impression that we are taking steps backwards. However, it is important to understand that healing happens in waves and symptoms sometimes get worse before they get better.

It is essential to recognize this process as normal. We begin to learn more about ourselves, to feel more deeply - including pain, fear and anger. By lifting the emotional lid, we give space to what has long been repressed, even if it may be confusing. It is not a sign of a wrong path, but part of the healing process, showing that we now have the stability and safety to deal with these feelings that were previously too overwhelming.

The first steps on this healing journey may be small, but with time, we become more confident in recognizing stress and respecting our own boundaries. Our body awareness grows, we feel more confident and can develop a finer perception of our inner and outer world.

Going backwards is part of the healing process - it is a sign of change and transformation. Always remember that it is normal to occasionally take a few steps backwards in this healing process. Symbolically, it may be like a dance: one step back, one step forward and so on and so forth. This image of the dance already makes it easier, because it is nothing else: not a step backwards, but a dance of change.

Embrace it and experience your change, your new life and experience in a balance that you have always wished.

If you need support on this path, I will be happy to help you. Often a companion on your own path of change is of great importance, because you feel understood, safe and inspired by the experience of others.

SOULMARINA offers such an experience. SOULMARINA stands for Womanity - lived femininity. Women are accompanied back into their feminine primal power and in the healing and awakening of their authentic, fulfilled sexuality. I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, events such as VIP coaching, breathwork, chakra healing and cacao ceremonies as well as annual retreats for women.

If you would like to get to know me and my work better, you can do so via my website or send me an email to I will be happy to answer your questions.


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